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What our Members Say about Us

Thank you for the letter.  It is perfect. 

Dr C M


Thanks for the advice and a few calming words. 

Keep up the good work.  

Dr C K


Your email is as usual very helpful and cannot ask for better assistance. Your wisdom and quick assistance speaks volumes of your work ethics and is much appreciated.

Dr L C


Thank you so so much for all your help and support, I would not have been able to get through this without your guidance. 

Dr L 


A big thanks to you all.  That (was) a nerve wracking experience!

Dr N 


The service and support has been outstanding. Thank you very much.

Dr M


I don’t know how you guys do this every day, I find it all very stressful.

I am very grateful that I can call on you for your help and advice – THANK YOU!

Dr T 


As always, thank you for your insights and help.  

Dr MA.


Thank you for your support and expertise 

Dr R 


The VDA and all it’s team members have helped me through some difficult times. 

I am eternally grateful. 

Dr K


I would like to sincerely thank the VDA for their prompt assistance / advice and support over the last 10 years.

Dr S


Don't know how you deal with these terrible situations every day but very grateful you are here to help and guide us, who have been affected. 

Dr T


 I know your whole team participated in bringing the answering affidavit to fruition, but want to thank both of you for the long hours of input. I'm very happy with the result and I'm sure it'll give us the best chance possible of getting this complaint dismissed. We have both learned a ton from this experience and there's no doubt that without your guidance we would've worsened our situation drastically. 

Thank you.

Dr J


It has been a long year and a half for something that I knew we were not at fault for but thanks for helping us navigate through it.


...all complaints have been dismissed completely. Some sanity prevailed! Thanks to the team!


Our hearing was today.NOT GUILTY !!Thanks for your advice before and thank goodness we did not follow previous legal advice. 


I want to thank all at the VDA for the amazing support to myself and others in the veterinary profession.


Thanks to you and your team for your extended input over the past few months.


Thank you, and thanks to your colleagues for the time and expertise you've put into drafting a response for me.


I value your insight and opinions very highly and want to thank you for your support and tireless effort.


BOOM !!! What a fantastic letter - it’s nothing short of brilliant. It is factually correct and i am happy with its content. 


You have been perfect through a time of such particular stress. I really cannot express my gratitude enough.   

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


I just wanted to thank you again for all of your sincere, calming and valuable advise. I sincerely appreciate your interventions and efforts to assist me in this case.


I would like to thank You and the team for your prompt and total commitment, professionalism, wisdom and encouragement.


What a relief!!!!!Thank you so much for your guidance and excellent handling of this matter. We have learnt a great deal in the last here. Thanks again.


I want to thank the staff of the VDA sincerely for the moral support andassistance they have rendered me. The caring way in which they did this kept me going.


 I'm very happy with your well drafted response! It's very professionally written and clear.


Many thanks to all your team in providing insightful newsletters which highlight serious problems facing the profession.I know there is massive effort in defending us and our profession that goes largely unreported. You and all your hard work.


I have read and very happy with the response you prepared for me, I am going to summit it to the Board tomorrow.


Thanks for the support and care you guys show us Vets, it is greatly appreciated.


 Thank you very much for all your help and your kind words and support thus far. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate it.


Thank you for the support you've given me and the hard work you've put in to this case.


Thank you as the VDA for continuing to fight for our rights


You guys are the best!!


Thanks for all the support I have had from the VDA team handling this case. I really appreciate your advice and your help to bring this to a happy resolution. 


Thank you as always for your weekly newsletter. Yours is the only regular newsletter I read these days! It is always good value. 


VDA. THANK YOU!!!!! This is true.Thanks for defending us.I feel like a soldier without a bullet proof vest without you.


Thank you so much for your prompt communication and excellent advice.


Thank you for such a thorough answer, I really do appreciate the time and effort you put into answering my question.


Thank you as always for being such a kind and helpful voice of reason on the other side of the phone. It is much appreciated.


You really got it sorted ,so I signed it and sent  it off as you advised. You guys do a fantastic job


Thank you for your continual support & advice. I find it invaluable.


Thank-you so much for all your hard work, we both really appreciate it. My draft looks perfect.


Thanks for the instructions, and your support, it means a huge amount to us. I have briefed the team on your instructions, and they all know what to do.


 I now have a number of vets who locum for me and I have encouraged them to all sign up with you - because the VDA is awesome!


I believe that as veterinarians we have very stressful jobs and this can take a toll on one’s emotional and physical well-being. All veterinarians expect too much of themselves. Joining the VDA is a means to alleviate some of the stress that comes with the job. Dr J


Thank you as always for your weekly newsletter. Yours is the only regular newsletter I read these days! It is always good value. Dr G


VDA. THANK YOU!!!!! This is true.Thanks for defending us.I feel like a soldier without a bullet proof vest without you.Dr AI would like to thank everyone at VDA for their hard work and advice in helping me with this matter. It is much appreciated. It is very reassuring have you in my corner. Dr N




Thank-you for your prompt feedback and for all of your effort. The situation is in good hands and I'm sure it will all be settled soon. Dr S


Thank you so much. Just read through it and have to say it's not what I expected, it's better.Thank you kindly for your hard work. Dr F W


Thank you very much for this considered advice. I am enormously relieved and thank you and the other people you consulted with for an excellent result. Dr B


Thank you again, I feel better already just talking to you guys!! A


Thanks so much for all the help and support. It definitely takes the burden off my shoulders. Dr N


VDA has been very kind and helpful, I am grateful for the help I received.  Thank you !  C


I appreciate the support received from both my consultants. It surprised me how much it stressed me despite believing I had done a good job? Dr X


Thank you for your excellent advice and support. A


 Thank you for always being available. L


Whilst applying for new membership: "We are planning to employ a recent graduate on a casual basis [but are] reluctant for him to start without being protected. We wouldn’t be without the VDA"! Dr A


Thank you for your compassion. Dr S


I cannot thank you and the VDA enough for all your help! Dr M



Thanks for your huge effort in the case.Dr R


Thanks for all the years of your valuable advice and concern of our veterinary profession. Dr T

Thank you for responding at 6.30 after an assumed hard day at the office/clinic.This is one of the many reasons I appreciate being a member of VDA.

Thanks for your help, it has been very useful. P

Thank you so much for the statement.... Also for your empathy and the way you handle things. We do appreciate that. Dr M

Please pass my thanks to everyone who has assisted in getting this outcome. As usual, great work! It is so comforting to have someone looking out for the vet's interest & fairness. Dr R

Your work over the years has been exemplary, and we wish all at the VDA a happy and good New Year. Dr J

'No disciplinary action has been taken and the matter is now finalised' Wonderful news! Thank you very much to you and your team for your help with this matter. You have my sincere thanks for the time and effort that was put in. Dr X

First up, thank you all for your help, guidance and support. Regards Dr M

Dear consultant, I have just read the proposed response and think it describes what had transpired correctly and appropriately, and I am happy for it to be sent as our response. Thank you!

Thank you so much for your assistance through all of this! I hope you know it's much appreciated.Sincerely,Dr E

Dear VDAThe number of vets the VDA reaches with membership is great. And the guidance and legal perspective from the VDA on what our rights could or should be, and what we should be looking out for and commenting on re: proposed rules etc. is very important. So a big thank you to you and the whole VDA team for the guidance. Dr C

Dear VDA Thank you so much for this attachment, I have tears in my eyes, it clearly shows how unfair I have been treated and I REALLY REALLY appreciate everything the VDA has done to help me! Dr R

Thank you for all that you have done for me thus far, especially the moral support. I greatly appreciate it. Regards Dr T

Thank you for your transparency and work. It is good for vets in practice to know that you are there Dr L

Great news! My recent board complaint has been completely dismissed. I am very relieved and want to thank you all immensely for the terrific work you have done to help me through this case. Dr D.

You guys are so caring that I am delighted to be (a) member of (the) VDA. Dr R.

Once more my grateful thanks to you [and the team] for all your hard work, input, advice and support. Dr R

Wow! Brilliant! I think the response is fantastic! I want to thank you and the VDA team for your assistance and incredible responses. It has been truly amazing. Dr D

I really want you to know how much it’s helped my mental stability over the last few years to know you are there for us. Really hope it’s going great for you. Dr L

Great letter. Thank you once again for your wonderful work. Regards Dr P

Hello VDAI'm happy and grateful for your work with the response.RegardsD

Thanks again for your wonderful support. You guys are an absolute blessing. Thanks for doing what you do. It means a lot to me to know your there for us!AD

Hi VDA Thank you very much for going through it and explaining everything to me! I'm very grateful for the knowledge you shared with me. Law is something that we're definitely not versed on during uni!!! I'll continue using the form you have provided. Kind Regards, N

Very happy to report that last Friday night I got an email from the board stating no case to answer. I really think your professional and thorough directions for my rebuttal letter made a strong case even better. There is no way I would have had the skills & knowledge to draft such a document. In telling my colleagues that I was going through my first formal complaint to the board they all said have a good lawyer with you for guidance. With your combined help I did better than that. I had vets who understand the law and I had lawyers who understood vet practice. Many thanks & regards Dr M.

It is quite sad when I think that we genuinely want to practice good medicine and help patients…. (but) have to worry about people (who) might come back to "sue/bite" us. It is good to have support and guidance from VDA. I will highly recommend other vets to sign up with VDA. Dr C.

This is obviously very good news. Thanks for your great assistance in this regard. Dr G.

Thank you for your thorough care and interest in sorting this out. It really does make me feel better knowing that I am a member of the VDA. Kind Regards, Dr E

(We) appreciate your professional thoroughness. Dr M.

Thanks again for advice and support over all (the) years and I hope the VDA goes from strength to strength.  Dr N

Dear VDAI am very happy to sign that response-it is very well thought out and well written. You guys do a fine job on our behalf thanks. G

The board has ruled there was insufficient evidence….. I’m still incredibly disappointed in the way their response was written….. The system seems so fantastically unjust! I wanted to say thank you to you and all your team for your help. Wouldn’t have wanted to do it without you. Dr J

Congrats to you ALL for preparing such a good defense that this was the outcome :-) Dr K

Am so glad I’m a VDA member! Dr J.

Hi VDA Thank you so much for being so prompt. I seriously cannot thank you enough for your help. Hopefully I won't have to contact the counsellor, your help alone has already made me feel a lot better. Cannot recommend your company's services enough. Yours Sincerely Dr P

Dear VDA Despite this being only a minor incident (hopefully!) I just can’t believe the anxiety and waste of time it has caused. So I very much appreciate the VDA’s assistance. Regards L

To the VDA Happy Chinese New Year or 'Gong Hey Fat Choy' to you all, with thanks and appreciation for all the help you have given vets in Hong Kong. Regards Dr J

Dear VDA Thank you very much for all of the work you've put in this year looking out for the interests of our veterinarians. We really appreciate the time you take to prepare detailed defences and the patience for continued engagement with difficult personalities. We tend to take this professional support for granted, but I would like you to know that having you in our corner has made a big difference to the professional ability of our veterinarians. With the guidance of you and the VDA organisation we have also been able to make gradual changes to the operating procedures and records of the practice to help clarity in communication with clients. I think this has enabled us to pre-empt and avoid situations which could lead to a professional complaint. I look forward to working with you next year to further refine complaint avoidance through communication, and to continue your good work in providing resolution for the complaints that still slip through. Sincerely Dr R

'Anytime over the Christmas holidays' - wow - I have yet to find another organisation that provides it's members with such endless support, kindness and compassion - professional or otherwise.  Thank you so much for all your help - being a VDA member to me is absolutely essential and I will continue to recommend you to anyone who will listen. Warm regards, Dr A

Dear VDA Thank you very much for your interest in this matter. Your input has been very helpful Regards D

Thank you for your help. The employment problem is now sorted.  I would also like to thank you for the information about Nurses and the legislation around what they can do. It was thorough, clear and very useful on both counts! Regards Dr L G

I refer to your response to the Investigating Committee of the [Board] about my case: This is why I will certainly be the first to vote for the VDA if the VDA ever decides to become a political party! Warm regards, Dr M

I'm not sure if you have received this letter from [the board] regarding her [the complainant’s] board complaint. She has apparently decided to withdraw her complaint.  Thank you again for all your wonderful help and support. I always recommend the VDA to all of my colleagues and now I have a specific case on which to draw praise :) Regards,Dr G

In conclusion it is the general opinion of EVERYONE here that you are doing a tremendous job for the VDA and all vets in private practice. so much Dr S

After receiving the VDA’s first ADR letter, Mr X has come in and settled his account in full. I think that Mr X has realised that he didn’t have a good case. Please close this file. With many thanks, Dr M

Thank you for your help and support and honesty so far in this case. I never thought "it would happen to me". ....... It is nice to know you guys are there to help. L

Dear VDA I have received the response [drafted by] the VDA on my behalf to my Veterinary Board. The response is an accurate account of the course of events that evening and an appropriate response to the complainant’s allegations. I am very appreciative of the efforts of the whole VDA team in preparing this response. I am unwavering in my knowledge that I acted appropriately at the time and if the board wishes to take the matter further then I will be truly at a loss to understand why. , I wish to extend my gratitude to all involved in the case, and will also pass my thanks on to your member who suggested I contact the VDA (I had no prior knowledge of your organisation, but am most grateful that I am now a member of such a valuable group). I'll most definitely recommend membership to my colleagues. Regards Dr A 

To the VDA Big thanks for everything that has been done and everyone involved – I really appreciate the help.  Have been singing your praises to any vets that will listen. Thanks again. Dr B T

Dear VDA Thanks for your advice and guidance, I have not had further problems at work and now it is really a matter of waiting to see if any of the complaints from clients actually turn into complaints to the Board. Thanks for all VDA's help and support over the last few weeks. I have resigned [from my current position] with 2 months’ notice. I am looking forward to changing jobs where I can have better working conditions, less contract restrictions and be in a more VDA-orientated practice. VDA member R G

Thank you very much for your help - it is more appreciated than you know. faithfully Dr M C

Thank you so much for the draft [response to the Board complaint] --- I think it is perfect!! It has been a pleasure dealing with you. Dr T

Dear VDA Thanks so much for your assistance in the allegations made by Mr X against myself to the Veterinary Board. The report is an accurate account of the events of the consultation and a succinct response to the complaints lodged with the Board by Mr X. I truly hope that the Board dismisses this complaint after reading the response as I'm totally unwavering in my belief that I acted 100% appropriately and therefore that the complaints are unfounded. It is nice to know that the VDA is there to support veterinarians that find themselves in these circumstances. Thankfully Dr G L

To the VDA I've finally exhausted my supply of questions! Thank you very much for answering all of them in such detail. Dr P F

VDA I have heard from the board and they have declared me not at fault and the complainants were given 2 weeks to respond to the board's findings. I have not heard anything further and am assuming that the issue is finalized at last. I must say a HUGE thank you for all your hard work and support. It got pretty tough there for a bit and you really made a massive difference to how I handled things mentally. I really appreciate everything you did and all your help and the advice and support that you gave me and for drafting my response.....thank you! Yours sincerely Dr H K

Dear VDA, This email is just to confirm that I am VERY happy with the letter to the Board. What an excellent document! That’s why I belong to the VDA. Dr F M

Thanks for your help with my court case as a witness. The advice given by my consultant was excellent. Dr M M