Join or Rejoin the VDA Australia

VDA Australia is a mutual, non-profit, non-commercial association of veterinarians, established in 2006.

The VDA professional protection services include:

  1. Unlimited advice and guidance, 24 hours a day, seven days a week
  2. Alternate Dispute Resolution
  3. Veterinary License Defense
  4. Support for investigations by other relevant statutory controlling bodies
  5. Defence against actions made against a member by non-statutory organisations and clubs, like welfare organisations, dog clubs and racing authorities
  6. Civil Medical Negligence Claims.

The VDA provides members with a comprehensive set of consent forms and certificates, bulletins on best practice protocols, as well as notices and other useful information.  This information is available under MyVDA on the VDA Australia website. Members also receive a regular VDA newsletter.

Veterinarians join the VDA when they graduate (or as soon as possible thereafter) and retire from the VDA at least three years after they provide their very last professional service.  Members receive unlimited, comprehensive professional protection throughout their careers. 

How to choose your level of cover:

The different levels of membership relate to the 'category of risk' an individual veterinarian faces in their daily practice in relation to the dollar value of the most valuable animal the veterinarian treats. Generally, an animal's dollar value increases if it has a career, such as a breeding or racing animal.
The low risk category is for veterinarians who treat animals with a value of $25,000 or less. That is, the value of the most 'expensive' animal that the veterinarian treats is $25,000 or less.
The medium risk category is for those veterinarians where the most valuable patient is worth $50,000 or less.
The high risk category is for veterinarians with a most valuable patient of $100,000.
Beyond $100,000 patient value, members need to contact us for specific advice.  In addition, veterinarians who provide veterinary services to groups of potentially collectively valuable animals (such as veterinarians who perform "herd health" visits to farms) should also contact us.

How to join the VDA Insurance Program in two easy steps:

Step 1: If you are not already a VDA member in good standing, first complete the VDA online membership application form and follow the prompts:

(Membership dues are pro-rated according to the month that you join with year-end being May 31).

See application forms for pricing.

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